The Advantage of Exchange Clusters

The Advantage of Exchange Clusters

18th Mar 2022

We help people like you every day. You're a parent needing to drop your kids off at school; you're a hard-working American needing to get to a job site; you’re a salesman needing to drive a few states away next week. Whoever you are, your life has been upended by a malfunctioning instrument cluster in your truck or van. It seems too insignificant of a part to have such a big impact, but electrical failure–erratic behavior in gauges and display screens–has kept your vehicle from safe operation. Perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to merely be inconvenienced by your faulty cluster. But no matter the degree of disruption that has been brought to your life, one thing is certain: you need a functioning instrument cluster.

If you don’t have the time for your vehicle to be down while you send us your cluster and wait for it to be shipped back after repair, then our exchange option is for you. Place an order by 3pm and your remanufactured cluster will be on its way to your house the same day. Given that your issues are more inconvenient than debilitating, you can continue to drive your vehicle while you wait for your new cluster to arrive. When it does arrive, a simple swap will put you back on the road – no additional programming necessary. All of our exchange clusters are plug-and-play, so you don’t have to spend any more money or lose any more time after installation.

If you are concerned about cost, a used cluster from a major auto parts reseller could seem appealing. It may work for a few years and it may be less expensive than a remanufactured option, but eventually it will fail. Why not choose a cluster that will arrive just as fast and save money in the long run? When you choose our exchange option, you are choosing a cluster that functions better than new and will not fail like a factory cluster inevitably will. As audacious as that claim is, it’s not unfounded: we use components in our repairs that are higher quality than factory components. This means that even if you find a cluster that is original and barely used, our rebuilt cluster will still outlast it.

You could have an exchange cluster purchased in less time than it takes to read this blog post. And because all exchanges are automatically upgraded to same-day shipping, your cluster will be shipped from our facility on the day that it is ordered. With all of the ways you can be saving time and effort, why wait? To take advantage of our exchange cluster option, check out our three options: