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Careers | Culture, Competence, Character

We recruit teammates by evaluating cultural fit, competence, and character.  These three C's are essential for providing world-class customer service while nurturing an environment where employees grow and develop.  





Circuit Board Medics exists to serve others by listening to customers’ needs and responding with a sense of urgency that meets those needs through personal engagement, quality repairs, thorough testing, and clear communication. We view serving others as a privilege and will always honor our customers’ best interests. We do this by providing the best option for restoring broken circuit boards to function better than new by delivering the highest combination of quality and value. We earn total customer satisfaction by employing stunning colleagues that are passionate about making a positive impact through world-class customer support, efficient processes, cutting-edge technology, and continuous improvement of all aspects of our organization.


A company's culture is as unique as a person's fingerprint.  Our culture thrives on teamwork.  Trust, selflessness, and communication are a few of the cornerstone characteristics on which our culture has been built.   Our team members truly have each other's best interests in mind, and we love working with each other.  We work hard, we challenge each other, and we don't quit until the job is complete.  We make sure that our work has profound impact, is approached with passion,  and is executed with the most innovative methods.  We work hard to be the favorite in all of our customer and supplier relationships.  


We are looking for the best.  Period.  To be successful in our environment, you need to be your own critic.  You need to desire to make a strong contribution through your work everyday.  You need to crave development and responsibility.  We believe that good is the enemy of great.  You will not suffer from a lack of feedback from our team, because we all desire to work with stunning colleagues.  As iron sharpens iron, we continue to sharpen each other.  You do not need to be an electronics genius to work here, but you do need to have curiosity coupled with the capacity to learn quickly.  If this interests you, keep reading.


We value the following 11 characteristics in our team members.  If you value the same characteristics, please review the available opportunities to join our team.


good judgment
  • Making wise decisions (people, technical, business, and creative) despite ambiguity
  • Identifying root causes, and getting beyond treatment of the symptoms
  • Thinking strategically, and articulating what you are, and are not, trying to do
  • Separating what must be done well now from what can be improved later


  • Ability to assess and engage problems independently
  • The power to act before others do
  • Action oriented
  • Identifying needs and opportunities


  • Seeing ourselves as managers and not owners of our resources
  • Separating needs from desires
  • Valuing our customers’ (internal and external) desires above our own
  • Sharing information openly and proactively


  • Listening well, instead of reacting fast, to better understand
  • Being concise and articulate in speech and writing
  • Treating people with respect independently of their status or disagreement with you
  • Maintaining calm poise in stressful situations


  • Accomplishing amazing amounts of important work
  • Distinguishing the difference in important and urgent tasks
  • Demonstrating consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you
  • Focusing on great results


  • Learning rapidly and eagerly
  • Seeking to understand our strategy, market, customers, and suppliers
  • Becoming broadly knowledgeable about the business
  • Identifying the specifics of what you don’t understand, and asking specific questions


  • Re-conceptualizing issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems
  • Challenging prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggesting better approaches
  • Continuous improvement
  • Keeping Circuit Board Medics nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify


  • Saying what you think even if it is controversial
  • Making tough decisions without agonizing
  • Taking smart risks
  • Questioning actions inconsistent with our values


  • Inspiring others with your thirst for excellence
  • Caring intensely about Circuit Board Medics’s success
  • Celebrating wins
  • Being tenacious in finding the answer


  • Being known for candor and directness
  • Approaching disagreements non-politically
  • Only saying things about a fellow employee you will say to his/her face
  • Admitting mistakes quickly


  • Seeking what is best for Circuit Board Medics, rather than best for yourself
  • Making time to help colleagues
  • Sharing information openly and proactively
  • Hoping that another team member can improve upon your ideas