How Does this Process Work?

  1. Find your product on our website.
  2. Match your symptoms with our descriptions.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Ship your item to us.
  5. We'll repair your board and ship it out to you in one business day!

Where are you located?

We are located near Greenville, South Carolina. Our shipping address will be at the top of your receipt once you place your repair order.

Can I ship my item to be repaired to you before I pay?

Our focus is on excellent communication, fast turnaround, and quality repairs. One key to achieving these goals is ensuring that we have customers' contact information and payment before beginning any repair order. This process ensures that we will have the proper contact information for you, and it also guarantees that the repair will not be delayed due to a billing issue. We are not responsible for lost, delayed, or non-repaired items shipped to our facility without an order number.

How do I ship my item to you?

You may use any shipping carrier that you prefer. We recommend UPS or FedEx over the Post Office (USPS).

How long does the process take?

Once we receive your item, we repair it and ship it the following business day (Mon-Fri). We offer discounted FedEx rates for expedited shipping. Shipping options and rates for each product can be found by adding the item to your shopping cart.

What is the warranty on your repairs?

Warranty information for each repair is located at the bottom of the product page.