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CPC Module Repair

  •  CPC4 / CECU Module Repair Service
  • CPC4 Module Plug
1-business day turnaround service


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Product Description

This repair service is for CPC4 (Common Powertrain Controller) modules used in Freightliner, Western Star, Oshkosh, Terex, Pierce trucks and Thomas buses with Detroit Diesel Engines. Our repair is designed to solve the most common issues with the CPC4 module for this vehicle including:

  • No start / Intermittent start
  • Dead throttle / Intermittent throttle 
  • CPC reads as a different module (reads as CPC2, TCM, etc.)
  • CPC Hardware Failure Fault Code SPN 609 FMI 12

Our repair also address the following issues when they are associated with communication failure:

  • Check Engine Light is on
  • ABS Light staying on
  • DEF Light staying on
  • Instrument Cluster loses communication

Specific Vehicles included in this repair:

We combine our circuit board repair expertise with state of the art tools for a complete and robust repair of the problems that plague the CPC modules. Unfortunately DIY solutions and repair shops with inferior tools and techniques often cause more damage to these controllers.  If a repair has already been attempted by a non-qualified facility, we will evaluate the damage to determine if additional costs are necessary.  In such cases, we will contact you before performing the repair to discuss your options.  If there are additional costs due to a prior repair attempt and you choose not to proceed with the repair, a full refund will be issued.  

Sometimes when the circuitry on your CPC4 fails it also corrupts the programming on the circuit board. Despite that failure, we are able to fully repair this module by reprogramming it to the latest OEM configuration for your vehicle based on your particular VIN.  Your CPC4 will be ready to install and use immediately without additional programming. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 800-547-2049.

This repair is also for the following alternate and replacement part numbers:

  • A0034461002 / 001
  • A0034461002 / 002
  • A0034461002 / 003
  • A0034461002 / 004
  • A0034461002 / 005
  • A0034461102 / 002
  • A0034461102 / 003
  • A0034461102 / 004
  • A0034461102 / 005
  • A0034461202 / 001
  • A0034461302 / 001
  • A0064463402 / 001

Start the repair process today by clicking the "Repair My Module" button above and proceed through the checkout process. Please text or call us at 800-547-2049 if you have any questions.

If you are looking for a replacement option, please see our CPC Module Exchange listing.  

We buy CPC4 cores. If you are interested in selling your CPC4 module reach out to us here.

Wondering How This Repair Service Works?

At Circuit Board Medics, our focus is quality repairs, fast turnaround, and excellent communication. Our repair process fixes the root cause of the issue without causing damage to the board or surrounding components. Don't risk wasting time and money on a poor repair; watch this video to see why our repair will quickly get you back on the road.

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Our no-hassle warranty covers your repair for a full three years. If the repair fails anytime within three years, we will repair the item again. In the rare occasion that the item is not repairable, we will either replace the circuit board entirely or refund the cost of the repair, at our discretion. See Details...

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