Audi Dreaded Lane Departure Malfunction

Audi Dreaded Lane Departure Malfunction

16th Apr 2024

“That was a close one,” you think to yourself while the sound of a car horn lingers in your ears. You’re driving down the highway. Your head is spinning from the hectic day at work you just had. You quickly glance at the car you almost drifted into. The driver is glaring at you…but he’s not hurt. You aren’t either, but you’re rightfully shaken up. Another thought pops into your mind as you focus your attention back in front of you: “Why does this keep happening?”

No, this isn’t the first time your 2017 Audi Q7’s drive system malfunctioned. It happened just a few days ago. You have had not one, but two, near-accidents in the past week. All because your Audi’s side assist system had a fault. You grip the steering wheel a little tighter, understandably upset. After all, you paid good money for your vehicle. Shouldn’t a luxury vehicle like yours have systems that work?

Unfortunately, no vehicle (even a luxury one) is immune to failure. Not all hope is lost however. Enter Circuit Board Medics. If your 2015-2018 Audi is plagued by pre sense malfunctions, we’re here to help. Are you seeing Automatic Cruise Control (ACC) error messages during your drive? Are you getting a message that your cruise control is disabled? What about the dreaded lane departure malfunction? It’s likely that your Driver Assist Camera is the culprit behind these malfunctions. And fortunately for you, we have a  Driver Assist Camera Repair service for that.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “I can fix my car myself!” Honestly, we respect DIYers and their grit. And yes, we’re aware that there are several sources online in which DIY solutions for this camera can be found. But, we recommend our repair over DIY remedies for the following reasons. First, these cameras fail because the circuit board inside them fails. Usually the failure is due to cracked solder on the board. When we repair these, we replace the cracked solder with fresh, new, upgraded solder (it’s quality stuff…trust us). Second, our repair takes 1 business day. That’s it! This means your Audi’s drive system will be operational again in a short amount of time. On top of that, our repair comes with a no-hassle, 1 year warranty. Why? Because the first seven words of our mission statement are, “ Circuit Board Medics exists to serve others…” We view each repair as an opportunity to restore normalcy in folks’ lives. We know life can be hectic. We want to make it a little less hectic for you.

It’s a few months later. You’re driving down the same highway again. Your head is spinning from the work day, and you begin to drift into the lane next to you. Only this time…your Diver Assist Camera picks up your motion. You’re alerted, and your car remains in your lane. You smile.  You’re thankful you sent your camera in for Circuit Board Medics to restore.