WB19X265 Oven Control Board Repair

2 Year Warranty
1 business day turn around
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Product Details

This repair service is for a GE oven control board, part number WB19X265 and relay board WB27X519 that has failed and is experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • Oven display, clock or electric range control (ERC) is dim or completely out
  • F1 error code - Requires repairing both the main control board AND the relay board, part number WB27X519 (select option above).
  • Oven exceeds the temperature set point or will not turn off - Requires repairing both the main control board AND the relay board, part number WB27X519 (select option above).
  • The oven does not reach temperature - Requires repairing both the main control board AND the relay board, part number WB27X519 (select option above).
  • No bake, broil, or convection function - Requires repairing both the main control board AND the relay board, part number WB27X519 (select option above).

It is our professional recommendation that you rebuild both boards at the same time because:

  1. Repairing both boards will correct all the issues listed on this page.
  2. It allows all of the oven's electronic control board components to be rebuilt using upgraded components.
  3. It will significantly extend the life of the oven with trouble-free operation.
  4. You can take advantage of discounted package repair pricing.
  5. Prevent future re-work and additional shipping costs later.

This repair is also for the following alternate and replacement part numbers:

  • 100-275-10
  • 247208
  • 333007
  • 335448
  • 336678
  • 338692
  • 338692R
  • 339265
  • 342135
  • 343966
  • 4337856
  • 4338408
  • 4338518
  • AH234038
  • EA234038
  • PS234038
  • WB19X0251
  • WB19X0261
  • WB19X0265
  • WB19X251
  • WB19X261

Repair Service Benefits

There are several benefits to our repair service over purchasing a new control board that include:

  • Upgrading your range control board by using high-quality components
  • A no-hassle warranty that far exceeds warranties offered on new replacements
  • A 1-business day turnaround in our facility once we receive your current oven control board
  • Significantly discounted shipping rates offered during checkout if you choose to purchase a prepaid shipping label to use when shipping your board to us
  • 5-Star customer service!

Start the repair process today by clicking the "Place Your Repair Order" button above and proceed through the checkout process. Please text or call us at 800-547-2049 if you have any questions.

Part Numbers

GE Oven Model Numbers that use this control board.

Note: This is NOT an exhaustive list. If you do not see your oven listed, please call us at 800-547-2049.

JGBP33GEL2 B9607X0 F8957W0
B9607X0 F8957W0 JGBP32GEL1
JGBP33GEL1 L2B335GEL0 24688L0
L2B335GEL0 24688L0 F8958W0
24688L0 F8958W0 F9857W0
F8958W0 F9857W0 N9457X0
F9857W0 N9457X0 14788B0
N9457X0 14788B0 14788L0
14788B0 14788L0 14788W0
14788L0 14788W0 14888B0
14788W0 14888B0 14888L0
14888B0 14888L0 14888W0
14888L0 14888W0 24588B0
14888W0 24588B0 24588L0
24588B0 24588L0 24588W0
24588L0 24588W0 24688B0
24588W0 24688B0 24688W0
24688B0 24688W0 2492L0A
24688W0 2492L0A 2492L1A
2492L0A 2492L1A 2492X0A
2492L1A 2492X0A B9307X0
2492X0A B9307X0 B9457X0
B9307X0 B9457X0 B96070
B9457X0 B96070 B9907X0
B96070 B9907X0 F5817W0
B9907X0 F5817W0 F8857W0
F5817W0 F8857W0 F8858L0
F8857W0 F8858L0 F8858W0
F8858L0 F8858W0 F8858X0
F8858W0 F8858X0 F8958L1
F8858X0 F8958L1 F8958W1
F8958L1 F8958W1 F9157W0
F8958W1 F9157W0 F9257W0
F9157W0 F9257W0 F9757W0
F9257W0 F9757W0 F9807W0
F9757W0 F9807W0 H9608W0
F9807W0 H9608W0 L2B335GEL1
H9608W0 L2B335GEL1 L2B335GEL2
L2B335GEL1 L2B335GEL2 L2B350GEL0
L2B335GEL2 L2B350GEL0 L3B325GL3
L2B350GEL0 L3B325GL3 L3B325GL4
L3B325GL3 L3B325GL4 L3B345G0L0
L3B325GL4 L3B345G0L0 L3B345GL2
L3B345G0L0 L3B345GL2 N9157L0
L3B345GL2 N9157L0 N9157L1
N9157L0 N9157L1 N9157X0
N9157L1 N9157X0 N9357L3
N9157X0 N9357L3 N9608W0
N9357L3 N9608W0 RGB751GEL1

How This Works

At Circuit Board Medics, our focus is on quality repairs, fast turnaround, and excellent communication. One key to achieving these goals is ensuring that we have customers' contact information and payment before beginning any repair order. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for lost, delayed, or non-repaired items shipped to our facility without an order number.

When you need a repair, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find your product on our website.
  2. Match your symptoms with our descriptions.
  3. Place your repair order.
  4. Ship your item to us.
  5. We'll repair your board and ship it out to you!


2 Year Warranty

Our no-hassle warranty covers your repair for a full two years. If the repair fails anytime within two years, we will repair the item again. In the rare occasion that the item is not repairable, we will either replace the circuit board entirely or refund the cost of the repair, at our discretion. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.

Circuit Board Medics LLC is not liable for and hereby excludes any and all indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages related to the use of services rendered by Circuit Board Medics LLC. Due to the nature of electronics and circuit board repair, Circuit Board Medics LLC cannot guarantee components and circuitry unrelated to the specific repair of symptoms covered in the description of services. In the event that an item is not functioning properly after repair, the customer will have the option to return it to Circuit Board Medics LLC for further testing. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact Circuit Board Medics LLC for return authorization before returning the item.Shipping fees for items being returned for testing are the responsibility of the customer. If the item has failed due to failed components or faulty workmanship, Circuit Board Medics LLC retains the right of choice to repair the item at no extra charge or offer a refund of the cost of repair initially paid to Circuit Board Medics LLC by the customer. If it is determined that the failure occurred due to external causes (i.e. faulty wiring, improper installation, failed external components, etc.), any guarantee, written or implied, will be considered null and void. Circuit Board Medics LLC is released of all liability, without limitation, for loss of profits, use, income, product, production, increased cost of operation, rental vehicle fees, or other loss arising in connection with the use of services rendered by Circuit Board Medics LLC. In no circumstances will Circuit Board Medics LLC be held liable or responsible for damages exceeding the total cost of repair paid to Circuit Board Medics LLC by the customer. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser. This warranty is limited by the lifespan of the product or system in which it is being installed (i.e. when an automobile reaches the end of its useful life, a rebuilt instrument cluster cannot be transplanted into a replacement vehicle with continuous warranty coverage). Circuit Board Medics LLC makes no guarantee of the completeness of accuracy of information offered for troubleshooting assistance and will not be held responsible for the improper diagnosis of components by others.