TIPM Trial and Error – The value of eliminating possibilities

TIPM Trial and Error – The value of eliminating possibilities

Posted by Tim Wortman on 18th Oct 2021

Refurbished TIPM

It is never comforting to receive a vague diagnosis for your vehicle’s symptoms. We all want a clear diagnosis followed immediately by a plan for resolution. However, a clear diagnosis can only be obtained from clear symptoms–a generic symptom such as "My car won’t start" could indicate many problems in many places. You may need a new engine, or you may need a new starter. Unfortunately, getting a clear diagnosis is often a difficult process that takes time. In the automotive world, when multiple modules may be at fault, trial and error might be the only way forward. Often, a necessary part of diagnosing an issue is eliminating what isn’t at fault in order to find what is. In this article we explore the value of ruling out a TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module) as the source of trouble on Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles.

Dealing with TIPMs can be a murky process because damage isn’t always exhibited on the outside–many times the damage is to internal electrical components and can only be discovered through thorough examination by a trained technician. Additionally, many of the body modules of a vehicle such as headlights, taillights, horn, and wipers are activated by the TIPM, so issues with these body modules may be caused by failures in the modules themselves rather than in the TIPM. How can you tell?

TIPM Repair

When dealing with electrical components the source of a problem can be disguised. For that reason, eliminating possibilities is a valuable step toward resolution. For those with decades of experience under their tool belts, the solution to issues caused by faulty electrical components could be one long weekend away. And for those with money to spare, the easy option is dropping the vehicle off at a dealership then waiting for professional technicians to fix the problem. But for those at-home mechanics venturing into new repair territory and averse to handing over hundreds or thousands of dollars to a dealership, there is a better option: testing your system with a refurbished TIPM from Circuit Board Medics. A refurbished TIPM may solve your problem immediately. But, if not, trying one gets you a step closer to resolution. Knowing your TIPM is not the cause of malfunction is valuable information that allows you to move on to other potential solutions. If you discover that your TIPM is not at fault, our low restock fee is a fraction of the cost of a replacement unit making it an affordable option with genuine value. If you decide to use one of our TIPM services, don’t worry about the removal and installation process being difficult–if you can change your oil, you can change your TIPM. Click here to get started with the simple process; you can also call or text us at 800-547-2049 if you have any questions.