Samsung Inverter Board Repair

Samsung Inverter Board Repair

16th May 2024

“Seriously?!” you exclaim as you spot the word, Unavailable, again on your computer screen. Your wife is looking over your shoulder. She’s anxious, and so are you. “Honey,” she begins in an exasperated voice, “I think the only option we have is that refrigerator control board we saw online.” At the moment, you think she may be right, but you don’t want her to be. That inverter control board cost around $400. There has to be a cheaper option. An idea pops into your head. You tell your wife, “Hang on, let me phone a friend.”

“Hello!” The friendly voice of Bill, your neighbor, comes through the phone. “Bill, I have something to run by you,” you begin. “My Samsung refrigerator stopped cooling properly last night, and my food is spoiling. I’ve done a little research. From what I can tell, the samsung refrigerator inverter power control board malfunction repair,” you explain. “Yep, sounds about right,” Bill responds. “Bill, I’m at a loss. Money’s a little tight for my family and me, so we can’t afford a replacement control board…much less a new fridge! And every time I come across a decent price online, the board is unavailable. I think you have the same fridge I do; have you ever run into this problem?” To your relief, Bill responds, “Yes, I have. Tell me, have you heard of Circuit Board Medics?”

“Who’s Circuit Board Medics?” you ask. Bill explains, “I’ve used them for my  appliance control board repairs,” he says. “They’re fantastic. They have a 1-business day turnaround on repairs, and their appliance repair services come with a 2 year warranty. What’s more, they can test the boards before they send ‘em back to you. They stand behind their work.” “Bill, that all sounds great, but what’s the catch? That kind of service sounds expensive,” you remark. “Don’t worry,” Bill says. “If you go with CBM, it’ll be cheaper than buying a replacement board…and definitely cheaper than buying a new fridge!” You are delighted to learn this news. “Count me in!” you say.

At Circuit Board Medics, our ultimate goal is to restore the normalcy that broken circuit boards rob from you. Our quick turnaround times, no-hassle warranties, and robust testing capabilities all serve to further this goal. When we restore normalcy, we do so with your best interest in mind. So avoid expensive diagnostic fees and service call minimums when you have a fridge that’s on the fritz. Send the board to us. You’ll be glad you did! Your family and friends will be glad as well.