How Do I Package My Module to Ship?

How Do I Package My Module to Ship?

9th Jun 2017

I know what you’re thinking… “I just placed my repair order and have no idea how to pack my unit.”  Let me help you. You’ll be tempted to wrap your item in 39 layers of Saran Wrap, an old t-shirt and a blanket, or surprise us with a box, inside a box, inside a box.  As entertaining as it is to watch our receiving department open and unwrap the mammoth amount of packing material, that kind of stuff really slows us down.  Here’s what to do to best protect your item during shipping:

Wrap your item well with 1-2 inches of bubble wrap in an appropriately sized box and use peanuts or packing paper to keep your item from moving around in transit.  Secure the box with a few pieces of shipping tape, include a copy of your receipt in the box with your item, and drop it off at your nearest FedEx, USPS, or UPS location to ship!  If you cannot print a copy of your receipt, please ensure that you include your order number, name, and a phone number with your item.  It is most helpful to write your order number on the outside of the box.  Here's a quick video to show you what you need to do:

“Receipt? What receipt?”  When you place your order online or over the phone you will receive two emails, one transaction approved email and one with your detailed receipt.  The emailed receipt will include our ship to address along with shipping instructions.  If you have purchased a prepaid label through our discounted FedEx account, that label will be included in your receipt email as a clickable link.  When you click the link, a FedEx label will be downloaded on your computer to print off on any printer.  You can print out your label, tape it to your box, and drop your package off at your nearest FedEx location. Please do not leave your package at a FedEx drop box location.

If you need more help, just call or email us at 1-800-547-2049 or  We’re here for you.