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2011 Chrysler Town and Country 3.6L PCM Repair

  • 2011 Chrysler Town & Country 3.6L PCM Repair
  • 2011 Chrysler Town & Country 3.6L PCM Repair (back)
1-business day turnaround service


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Product Description

This is a repair service for the Powertrain Control Module, (PCM) from a 2011 Chrysler Town & Country 3.6L that has ignition coil failure. This is the most common problem with the ECM from these vehicles, and it is often indicated by one or more of the following diagnostic trouble codes: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0355, P0356.

Our rebuild service is the easiest way to get you back on the road and the ONLY way to avoid a trip to the dealership.

  • Your existing keys will work upon re-installation.

Ignition Coils and Spark Plugs

If the PCM has been damaged by a failed ignition coil, then all 6 coils must be changed at the same time as the PCM.  We strongly recommend using OEM replacement ignition coils and spark plugs.

This repair is ONLY for the above listed condition. If you are having any problems other than this, please call us at 800-547-2049.

Wondering How This Repair Service Works?

At Circuit Board Medics, our focus is on quality repairs, fast turnaround, and excellent communication. One key to achieving these goals is ensuring that we have customers' contact information and payment before beginning any repair order. Watch our video to learn more about how our repair process works and how we can help to get your vehicle or appliance back up and running quickly. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for lost, delayed, or non-repaired items shipped to our facility without an order number.

Part Numbers

Below are a list of known model numbers. This is NOT a complete list so if you do not see your part number listed please call us at 800-547-2049.

05150562AA 05150562AB 05150562AC 68065361AA 68065361AB 68065361AC 68065361AD 68065361AE 68065361AF 68065361AG 68065361AH 68065361AI
68065361AJ 68065361AK 68065362AA 68065362AB 68065362AC 68065362AD 68065362AE 68065362AF 68065362AG 68065362AH 68065362AI 68065362AJ
68065363AA 68065363AB 68065363AC 68065363AD 68065363AE 68065363AF 68065363AG 68065363AH 68065363AI 68065363AJ 68065363AK 68065364AA
68065364AB 68065364AC 68065364AD 68065364AE 68065364AF 68065364AG 68065364AH 68065365AA 68065365AB 68065365AC 68065365AD 68065365AE
68065365AF 68065365AG 68065365AH 68094366AA 68094366AB 68094366AC 68094366AD 68094366AE 68094366AF 68094366AG


Our no-hassle warranty covers your repair for a full year. If the repair fails anytime within a year, we will repair the item again. In the rare occasion that the item is not repairable, we will either replace the circuit board entirely or refund the cost of the repair, at our discretion. See Details...

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