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Kenmore F11 Error

This is a repair service for the F11 error code on a Kenmore HE3T or HE4T washer. The F11 is a very common problem that can be intermittent, or it can completely cause the washer to quit working. Our repair services help you avoid the high cost of replacing electronic components.

PLEASE NOTE: This error can be caused by several different components, depending on the model of your washer, and is very frequently misdiagnosed. In order to properly determine the cause of the problem on your specific washer, please locate your model number on the identification plate just inside the door and choose the correct option below.

  • kenmore he3t f11 error repair
  • kenmore he3t f11 error repair
  • Kenmore HE3T HE4T CCU FDL Repair

    This is a repair service to any Kenmore CCU that is causing the dreaded F11 and/or FDL code during the wash cycle. Kenmore HE3T/HE4T washers are famous for false F11 and FDL error codes.Buy with confidence; This is NOT...

  • Kenmore Motor Control Unit (MCU) Repair Service

    This is a repair service for the Motor Control Unit, (MCU) from a Kenmore washing machine. This unit has a common failure, causing an F11 or F28 error code on the washer. Some of the part numbers for this MCU are listed...